A new Latching Solenoid Valve which is ideal for power sensitive fluidic control in oil tool, aerospace and high performance automotive applications, or wherever control systems would benefit from reduced power consumption and lower heat generation, has been introduced by

LEE PRODUCTS. Unlike traditional solenoid valves which require continuous voltage to be activated from their natural state and therefore consume more energy, this magnetically latched design valve requires only a momentary pulse to switch and remain ‘in-state’ (open or closed).


Thanks to the permanent magnets within the coil design the valve consumes less than 1 joule, of energy to be activated (and remain switched on). This is compared to a standard spring loaded 12v solenoid valve with a 26 ohm coil which would require around 5.5 Watts to open and about 0.35 Watts to hold it in the open position. The result is a significant reduction in overall power consumption and heat generation, particularly when extended periods of operation are required.


These valves are therefore ideal for battery-powered systems or when applications require a valve to remain ‘in state’ during loss of power, or have the potential to cause a valve to overheat during operation. They also benefit from the well-established and field-proven performance of Lee’s piloting solenoid valves. For example, they include a MultiSeal® feature which dramatically simplifies port layout ensuring significant space savings, reduced machining costs and superior reliability compared to traditional sealing methods.


The valves, which are compatible with most operating fluids, are available as 2-position, 2-way or 3-way design, have an operating pressure of 3000 psi (proof tested to 4500 psi) and will withstand operating temperatures of -65ºF up to +275ºF. They also feature an integral HI-BAR® safety screen with 0.004 inch nominal hole size.

Custom configurations are also available to suit specific application requirements

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