IAEA Robotics Challenge

LEMO has been supporting Rovenso, a Swiss startup, who was a finalist of the Robotics Challenge of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The event was held in Brisbane Australia. The goal of this challenge was to identify robots that will assist IAEA inspectors in carrying out their tasks. More specifically, repetitive measurement and stock identification tasks in harsh environment areas exposed to high radiation levels.

“Automating these scenarios is perfectly aligned with the mission of ROVENSO” says Thomas Estier. “We make agile robots to keep workers out of harms way in challenging terrains and harsh environments, so we are really excited to show how ROVéo performs in these scenarios, discover the best strategies from other teams and compare the different hardware solutions.” The whole ROVENSO team would like to thank deeply its partners and particularly LEMO SA. “The participation to this challenge is the very first result of a long-term collaboration between our two companies. It’s great to find industrial partners in Switzerland that put a high priority on innovation and are actually spending time, energy and money to work with startups.” says Thomas Estier, CEO of Rovenso.

“We are very excited to participate along with ROVENSO in this robotic challenge. The challenge allows international robotic experts to compete and check the suitability of new robotic solution to perform control tasks” says Mathieu Menet, Innovation Manager of LEMO. “Further to this competition, our long-term collaboration with Rovenso will enable LEMO to extend his portfolio of solutions by developing a specific range of connectors dedicated to the robotics industry”



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