GROUPE LATTY’s new packing LATTYflon 7189 for pumps is adapted to very abrasive environments and reduces water consumption

The packing LATTYflon 7189 has been developed to meet the requirements of mining industries in order to improve the MTBF ON phosphate sludge pumps where abrasion is high. This packing grade proved very effective and economically interesting in harsh environments.

In the paper, mining, quarrying and sugar industries where the environments are harsh, the expectations of equipment manufacturers who manage the waste water treatment and the extraction of raw materials are now seeking to reduce water consumption and to improve the robustness of the equipment.

The packing LATTYflon 7189 is made up of compound yarns on both external friction faces and its core made up of graphite yarns provides excellent elastic recovery. Moreover, the packing is impregnated throughout during the plaiting operation, thereby further reducing friction. Supple and robust, it is easily fitted, requires few retightening operations once installed, thereby reducing running-in time and optimizing the maintenance time.

This new packing offers a decisive advantage for the preservation of shaft sleeves as it can be used without a lantern, thereby reducing the water consumption required for its operation. These lanterns are fed by other pumps which draw unclean water from water tanks or from artificial ponds. When these pumps break down, the sludge pump lanterns are no longer fed, their stuffing box deteriorate, then rapidly damaging in turn the shaft sleeves.

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