60 years ago, Léon Mouttet an innovative engineer and entrepreneur, who founded LEMO, invented a revolutionary latching system. This invention was initiated from a personal problem he had encountered as he found that connectors accidentally disconnected when he undertook wildlife photography.  

LEMO launched the first ever range of push-pull connectors, offering customers a userfriendly and fail-safe alternative to the traditional screw or bayonet locking systems available at the time. This revolutionary product was an immediate success and was soon adopted as a global industry standard across many hi-tech applications from photographic equipment to nuclear research.

Over the years, the original latching system had been continuously refined to optimise performance and the connector range expanded to meet the specific requirements of an ever-increasing list of niche applications. Today, LEMO B series connectors are the product of choice for professionals working in hi-tech industries where failure is not an option.

To the customers ever evolving requirements, environmentally sealed variants of the original B series connectors have been introduced. These new K series variants utilise many of the standard B series internal components and therefore customers selecting these sealed connectors benefit from the economies of scale from the established standard global demand.  However, to accommodate the requirements for additional seals and the introduction of an epoxy sealing compound, these new K series variants utilised slightly larger outer body designs.

As more applications move towards a requirement for sealed connectors, LEMO has developed the next generation of standard push-pull connectors. These T series connectors have been specifically designed for customers of the standard B series connectors, who now need the additional performance benefits of environmental sealing to IP68 in the mated condition without any compromises in space or backwards compatibility.

The LEMO T series range of standard connectors includes a vast array of options to meet all customer needs. Designers can now upgrade systems without the concerns of backwards compatibility, as the same mounting requirements make it fully interchangeable with the B series. In addition, T series plugs are intermateable with existing B series sockets, enabling customers to easily support older installed equipment.

LEMO connectors are manufactured in highly automated state-of-the-art factories to exacting quality standards, using precision processes and specialist equipment. Furthermore, LEMO products and processes have been optimised over several generations and undergone lengthy tests to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Customers who purchase connectors manufactured with a distinctive LEMO “chocolate box” grip can be assured of the highest levels of reliability and performance.


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