New Reich RCT Coupling Drives Product Range Expansion

Reich-Kupplungen have further expanded their already comprehensive product portfolio with the introduction of the new RCT series of torsionally stiff flange couplings, targeted at diesel engine drive systems.

Reich is widely recognised for their core competence in rubber flexible products and the new RCT coupling draws on this expertise, with well-proven material pairings being used for this new coupling type. The metal-elastomer combination not only gives the RCT high torsional stiffness but also effectively dampens shocks and peak torques.

The system, which is axially pluggable via the elastomer elements, makes for easy mounting of the RCT coupling, without the need for expensive alignment tools. The virtually backlash-free elastomer profile is designed for high torque transmission whilst minimising the wear rate and preventing potential noise emissions.

This coupling, when combined with a bell-housing flange matched to the specific application, and also available from Reich-Kupplungen, is particularly suited as a connection to hydraulic pumps.

The RCT is therefore the ideal solution for use in construction and agricultural machinery with hydrostatic drives, where expectations of a long service life and high versatility are taken for granted. The connecting flange is made of aluminium offering high mechanical strength and dimensional stability.

The RCT is available either with a clamping hub or with a backlash-free, splined taper bush. With its extremely compact size, it is particularly suited to applications where mounting space is narrow or limited, meaning the RCT has the flexibility to be matched to existing mounting configurations.

As is the case for all its other products, Reich-Kupplungen also offers optimum solutions based upon the RCT coupling in line with the “Designed to Customer”  ‘D2C’ philosophy for specific applications.

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