Bonomi (UK) Ltd is building upon the success of its Series 85 ‘VB’ electric actuators with the introduction of the Series 86. The high performance Series 85 has become well established in Bonomi’s extensive range of actuators and process valves, prompting the firm to launch Series 86.

The new range includes models with output torques from 30 Nm to 350Nm, with robust aluminium polyester powder coated housing and IP68 protection.

Like Series 85, Series 86 features manual override, visual position indication, anti-condensation heater, two micro switches (for remote position indication), electronic torque indicator and a dual drilled ISO5211 – DIN3337 interface to facilitate direct mounting.

All motors are dual rated, with the high tension motor being suitable for voltages from 100 to 240 Volt AC and the low tension motor being suitable for both 24 Volt AC and 24 Volt DC supplies.

Available options include 4 to 20mA or 0 to 10 volt modulating positioner for valve position control, an internal battery for failsafe operation in the event of power loss and a combination of both the modulating positioner and internal battery.

Bonomi (UK) Ltd carry huge stock reserves and can offer a complete valve and actuator package with guaranteed next day delivery an option.

02 June 2017 [213 Words]

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