TR Fastenings Cleans Up With New EBAC Washing Machines Deal

TR Fastenings (TR) has secured a partnership with British firm EBAC, the only UK manufacturer of washing machines. TR has been appointed as the company’s sole supplier of fasteners and fixings for its new range of domestic washing machines, which is being rolled out throughout the country this year.

Until recently, EBAC, based in County Durham, was best known for designing and manufacturing dehumidifiers and water coolers, before entering the washing machine market. Due to the significant investments required to obtain the correct robotics and components for these products, EBAC needed to find a fastenings supplier with thorough knowledge of white goods and the specific parts required.

TR Fastenings approached EBAC to discuss providing not only the parts but also a consultancy service on selecting, testing and applying the most efficient fasteners for these machines. TR has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field, thanks to its Italian sister firm, Viterie Italia Centrale (VIC), which specialises in supplying fastenings to the white goods industry. After initial meetings and a period of consulting and testing, including bringing experts over from VIC to assist with the process, EBAC appointed TR Fastenings as its sole supplier of fastening parts for its washing machines.

EBAC washing machines are currently available in several independent UK retailers following a soft launch at the end of 2016, and they will continue to be rolled out across the UK in 2017.

Don Lamb, business development manager at TR Fastenings, comments: “This is a fantastic partnership for us, not only because we now have the privilege of supplying fastening parts to the only UK manufacturer of washing machines, but because it has also shown the strengths we have in consultancy and product knowledge. The nature of the robotics and processes involved in washing machine manufacture calls for very specific expertise, and we are thrilled that we and our partners at VIC have been able to deliver this for EBAC.”

Andrew Jordan, Logistics Manager at EBAC, adds: “This is a hugely exciting time for EBAC as we enter a new market and showcase our skills as a leading hub of British design and manufacture. The washing machine market is technically challenging and it’s vital that we source, test, and utilise only the best components and processes. Having TR and their Italian colleagues on board to advise us and supply the parts we needed and the expertise on how they should be used was invaluable.”


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