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Industrial Process News is extremely proud to present TVR Instruments Limited as its selected Instrumentation Provider of the Month. The company, which is situated in Colchester in Essex, was set up in 2010 and has come a long way since its foundation. Within the course of its six years in the trade TVR Instruments has become a specialist well-established within several industries, operating efficiently on a universal scale to meet the challenging demands of its solidly built and rapidly growing customer base.
The team focus on the delivery of measuring, power and protection solutions predominantly aimed at the LVD distribution and panel building sector. Its full suite of products includes multifunction meters, CTs, VTs & shunts, transducers, energy meters (MID), bargraphs, earth leakage relays, protection relays, battery chargers, power supplies, DC UPS, generator controllers, remote monitoring and ventilation control systems. The protection devices available for purchase specifically cover loss of mains G59/ G83, temperature, frequency and phase sequence (to name a few core examples).
The TVR Instruments group aren’t concerned with the simple supply of standard products; they meticulously select the most appropriate equipment for the job in hand and ensure continued reassurance with their first-rate level of service. Their European suppliers are also backed up by industry recognised accreditation, as all products are made under ISO9001 quality certificated factories in accordance with the relevant CE marking directives (EMC and LVD).
“We are a service provider with extremely strong ethics,” Tony Robinson, owner of TVR Instruments, commented. “Our strategy revolves around delivering as good a customer service as possible, offering suitable units for control and display from our extensive product knowledge. We are a small company and so can remain focused on clients’ specific requirements whilst taking the time to understand their situation, providing a solution ideal for the individual application. “As a highly reliable specialist manufacturer we pride ourselves on surpassing expectations whilst remaining compliant with all of the necessary industry standards. With our high quality products we can provide short lead times & as well as being incredibly responsive, we have the technical expertise to ensure complete customer confidence.”
The product portfolio consists of many reputable brands; as well as selling Emko Elektronik genset and temperature controllers, TVR Instruments is the UK and Ireland agent for Frer s.r.l of Italy for all switchboard measuring components and a stockist of Adel Systems battery chargers & power supplies. It’s also a stockist of Zeilh Gmbh for mains, temperature and transformer protection relays and has a partnership with Dexdyne Limited for the provision of remote monitoring & control of capital equipment. Amongst the new product lines TVR is offering is the Frer QUBO96 range of Multifunction meters with options for inbuilt communications for remote monitoring, Ethernet with onboard memory and an updated earth leakage relay compliant to EN60947-2 (types A&B) and EN62423:2013 (types F&E). Amongst the various options we have for the remote monitoring of energy, our Frer range offers a product without any add on costs or set up charges. The Frer Energy is a plug and play package for Frer Modbus enabled metering products.
With its vast experience providing instrumentation across both Europe and the Middle East, the specialised business is well-practiced in the source and supply of competitively priced products for usage within the switchboard and panel building verticals. If you are interested in enquiring about any of the current transformers, transducers, switchboard power supplies, remote monitoring software, battery chargers and genset controllers within the range then please consult the company website to find out more. Alternatively you can contact the TVR Instruments via telephone or email to obtain further details.
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