In August 2018 the WEEE2 Directive (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) will come into force in the UK.  Under the existing WEEE Directive, pumps (other than garden pumps) have NOT been included within scope.  However, this first revision of the Directive has now brought into play many products that were previously out of scope, including pumps.

Following a meeting between BPMA, BEIS (Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) and the Environment Agency in July last year, which was convened to clarify whether ‘pumps’ should be within the scope of WEEE2, it was agreed that the BPMA would produce and submit its own ‘position paper’.  This course of action was determined primarily because BEIS had been overwhelmed with the amount of items that required clarification, but also because BPMA was best placed of draft such a document, given its in depth knowledge of the subject matter.

As such, and having formed a dedicated Working Group to fully assess the Commission Guidance documents for both domestic and non-domestic pumps, the BPMA produced and submitted its proposals.

Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, the initial draft of the ‘position paper’ was rejected by BEIS & the Environment Agency and so the BPMA have been asked to revisit certain aspects and re-submit a second draft in due course.

This re-working of the position paper will again be undertaken by the dedicated Working Group, and so anyone interested in learning how they might get involved, should make contact with Steve Schofield at the BPMA in the first instance on 0121 601 6691 or by email at [email protected].

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