Bürkert maintains list price freeze for 2017

Fluid control expert, Bürkert, has bucked the industry trend for price increases by implementing a list price freeze for January 2017. While many other manufacturers have already communicated price rises between 5% and 11%, Bürkert aims to maintain current list price levels for its customers.

Recent changes in Euro and USD exchange rates with Sterling have increased pressure on manufacturers to raise UK prices in order to maintain their margins. However, Bürkert’s investment in modern manufacturing technology has enabled it to withstand significant external pressures from currency exchange rates.

Neil Saunders, General Manager for Bürkert UK and Ireland, explains: “Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is the first fluid control manufacturer in the UK to announce a post-Brexit list price freeze in 2017. As we promised last year, we have driven through our commitment to absorbing or offsetting any cost increases through ever-improving production methods inside our factories. We have maximised the use of high technology automation systems together with continuously reviewing our global supply routes, but without risking our reliable and committed supply chain.

“Bürkert has committed to never raise prices mid-contract or more broadly unless influences stretch beyond its control.” As more businesses look to improve efficiency and reliability in order to remain competitive, it is important to source high quality process control components. For its part, Bürkert continues to support its customers by continuing to develop new technologies as well as providing all the essential elements for fluid control processes.

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