NSK Launches New Bearing Care Products as part of its AIP+ Value Added Programme Range

NSK is committed to ensure machinery performs at its optimum level, giving the best result in the most efficient way. At the heart of this is the NSK bearing solution. However, it is equally important that the bearing is handled, applied and mounted in the best way to ensure performance. With this in mind, NSK has launched a complete range of bearing care products as part of the company´s AIP+ Added Value Programme. This includes innovative and powerful tools to help maintenance teams maximise machine performance.Image1.jpeg – The NSK LAS-Set uses dual line lasers for easy set-up, even at larger distances

NSK´s advanced laser alignment tools, for example, are designed to minimise losses and ensure the machine gives optimum performance with the lowest possible energy consumption. Industry research suggests that a staggering 50% of machines run out of alignment, which leads to higher loading and reduced overall performance. The AIP+ laser alignment tools comprise two device sets, one for belts (LAB-Set) and another for shafts (LAS-Set).

The belt alignment device found on many low cost systems involves mounting and measuring from the pulley side face. However, such an approach is limited as it assumes that the pulley side is clean, rust-free and parallel to the pulley V-grooves. As a consequence, this method rarely results in accurate alignment.

Conversely, NSK´s unique LAB-Set laser mounts in the actual pulley V-grooves where the belt runs, thus ensuring perfect alignment on the running surface, every time. Unlike most other systems that rely on a single laser or mirror system which is difficult to set-up and use, NSK LAB-Set is based on a pair of line laser transmitters with integrated targets, each equipped with two spring-loaded guides that fit into the pulley grooves. Using two lasers, exceptionally high resolution can be achieved so that even tiny misalignments can easily be identified.

The same advantages can be enjoyed using LAS-Set for shaft alignment. It is well documented that achieving shaft alignment on a co-linear axis is a complex task that requires allowance for factors such as bar sag. Traditionally, this is performed using dial-test indicators (DTIs), but requires a highly skilled and experienced technician.

In contrast, the NSK LAS-Set uses dual line lasers for easy set-up, even at larger distances, and digital sensors with high resolution for precise results. The alignment process is both fast and efficient, allowing measurements to be made close to the machine´s operating temperature and therefore removing the need to calculate the compensation for thermal expansion. The process is simplified further by the use of wireless technology that pairs the sensor units to a large colour screen display. The software-driven display features an icon-based, step-by-step guide that makes the entire alignment process both straightforward and quick.

Also included in AIP+ is NSK´s selection of bearing mounting tools, which have been designed to ensure that all bearings are handled and fitted correctly, without damage.

Unfortunately, many companies are guilty of not using the correct tools or techniques, leading to bearing damage during the assembly or removal process. With this in mind, NSK now offers dedicated mechanical tools ranging from simple spanner wrenches designed for locknut fitting and removal on taper bore and sleeve assemblies, through to complete fitting tool kits and bearing puller kits.

An example of this is NSK´s FTN333 fitting kit, which is ideal for bearings with internal diameters from 10 to 50mm. Suitable for a wide range of bearing types, aluminium ribbed impact sleeves provide strength, durability and easy grip with a conical impact insert ensuring even load transfer.

Similarly, the NSK BPN62 puller kit allows easy dismounting of ball bearings without damage to the shaft or housing. Included in the kit are six puller arm sets covering bearing sizes 6000 to 6410. The tools are of high quality steel construction with two spindle sizes.

For higher loads, users can select from a range of hydraulic pushers, pullers and press plates, along with hydraulic nuts, which apply greater force progressively and parallel to the shaft for larger bearings fitted to taper shafts and sleeves.

 At just 3.5kg, the NSK IHN010 portable induction heater is the lightest such unit available on the market

At just 3.5kg, the NSK IHN010 portable induction heater is the lightest such unit
available on the market

For hot assembly, NSK offers a range of compact and efficient induction heaters in different sizes based on weight and power requirements. Heaters can be supplied to suit bearings up to 1200kg in weight, and the series includes both automatic temperature-based and time-based controller modules.

Included in the range is the IHN080 for heating bearings with a weight up to 80kg. The induction coil is mounted inside the vertical column – heating occurs 1.5 to 2.0 times faster when the bearing is mounted over the coil.    For those who need portable solutions, the NSK IHN010 induction heater weighs just 3.5kg, making it the lightest such unit available on the market. Using IHN010, a bearing weighing 5kg can be heated up to 110°C in less than four minutes. Bearings up to 10kg in weight can be processed.

In an era when typical maintenance budgets can range from 15 to 40% of annual turnover, any savings that can be generated are certain to deliver a highly positive effect on profitability. NSK´s AIP+ tools have been developed to help maintenance engineers achieve these savings using class-leading, proven technologies.


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