steute at the SPS IPC drives

New access points for the wireless network sWave.NET®

At the SPS IPC Drives, the steute business unit “Wireless” will be presenting the second generation of access points for its wireless network sWave.NET®. The task of these new key components within the industry-compatible wireless system has not changed: they bundle signals from wireless switchgear and pass them on to the customer IT infrastructure via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

The new network components are significantly more compact than the previous generation, facilitating simple assembly via magnet clamp or screws. At the same time, they provide additional functionalities and convenience. For example, power consumption is lower, a Wi-Fi adapter has been integrated in the housing, and input voltage is now variable from 12 to 24 V DC. External antennas facilitate optimum adaptation of the wireless technology to the environment. The user can now – and this is also new – eliminate the previously necessary application server because the wireless signals are sent directly from the access points to the customer IT infrastructure, where they are also processed. All battery-powered wireless switches and sensors for the established sWave platform can be integrated in the wireless network via the new access points. The latter are now available for the frequencies 868, 915
and 922 kHz, meaning that they meet the wireless standards in Europe, North America, Australia and Japan, and that the sWave.NET® wireless network can be used all around the world. steute at the SPS IPC Drives: Hall 9, Booth 450
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