Are You Really BIM Ready? @ManandMachineUK

Man and Machine’s BIM Ready program offers a well-constructed series of training modules, developed with construction professionals in mind, to ensure that people get the practical help they need to develop skills in a variety of BIM roles. The content and structure creates experts in BIM Modelling, BIM Coordination and BIM Management.

The program focuses on the job function, not the tools. BIM tasks, roles, responsibilities, contractual framework, cyber security, infrastructure, strategy and BIM application cases are all explored in the different modules.

Phil Read, Managing Director of leading BIM Consultant Man and Machine commented, “Training is now a critical component that needs to be considered essential to the development of the UK Construction Industry. In its recent report, the Chartered Institute of Builders (CIOB) talked extensively about how the UK Construction Industry has not really seen much improvement in output or productivity for decades. Our program has been developed to help bring new ideas and address some of those issues.”

Productivity is less of an issue in industries like manufacturing where digital prototyping, robotics, 3D printing and automation have revolutionised the “design and make” process and there is much that can be learnt from this industry. Improvements in manufacturing productivity are well-documented.

The skills shortage in BIM feels like it is reaching a critical point and the recent award of £454,984 to BIM4Education by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) really underpins the concerns that are being expressed throughout the industry.

With the BIM Task Group already moving on to BIM Level 3 development, UK industry continues to struggle implementing BIM Level 2. The UK BIM Alliance aims to provide leadership to realise some of the benefits of BIM Level 2 including cost and waste reductions, increased productivity and increased competitiveness. This is of course laudable, but it requires adoption and inclusion on a wide scale. In order to achieve this, design and build professionals need to be engaged and motivated to take part. The BIM Ready program from Man and Machine is a courageous step in trying to support the achievement of those aims.

We can only hope that more programs like this become more widely available and that the skill shortage is addressed so that we can really benefit from the promise of BIM here in the UK.

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