Telsonic Ultrasonics At The Heart Of Audi Cam-Shaft Cleaning Cell

The use of ultrasonic technology within the Automotive sector has become widely recognised as an efficient, clean and environmentally friendly method of welding, joining and even trimming plastic components and sub assemblies. The capabilities of ultrasonics however extend far beyond these applications, and the technology is also used as a highly efficient method of cleaning the precision machined components which make up today’s high performance engines.

Ultrasonic cleaning has become an integral part of many industrial production processes. Eliminating dirt and debris is important for process reliability, and ultrasonic technology can be used to prepare components for further downstream processes or for cleaning finished products.

Amongst a wide range of household names using this technology is German car-maker Audi, who use the system shown here to clean cam-shafts and other parts. The system is fitted with a pre-wash chamber to which pallets containing the cam-shaft parts are delivered before being washed and blown down. The system comprises of a work-cell containing a robot, the ultrasonic tanks, a delicate-wash chamber and a vacuum-drying chamber.

 (The ultrasonic cleaning cell at Audi, uses Telsonic technology)

The ultrasonic chambers have been designed specially to optimise the ultrasonic radiation from the tube resonators. The cleaning chambers are fitted with either one or two Telsonic ultrasonic tube resonators and the RS-25-55-P type resonators are available in various lengths producing power of up to 1200W with a suitable generator. The tube resonators boast a compact design, a 360-degree ultrasonic vibration field and efficiency of over 95%.

(Left – Telsonic MAG-C Generators and Right – Telsonic Tube Resonators)

Telsonic MAG-C cleaning generators are installed within this system with the generators having selectable modulation modes (e.g. pulse mode) in order to optimise efficiency. The MAG-C cleaning generators are designed for installation in electrical control cabinets and can be integrated into the overall control system with the help of the ProfiNet bus module so that the PLC system controller can configure the settings and provide a read out of the process data.

With many years of experience and ongoing technological development, Telsonic offers advanced ultrasonic generators, resonance systems and system solutions that meet the diverse and demanding needs of the Automotive industry. The system installed at Audi was built by Austrian based TMS Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions GmbH, an automotive supplier based in Linz, with responsibility for the entire project.

Telsonic UK offer a comprehensive range of ultrasonic modules and systems for a variety of plastic welding, sealing, food cutting, textile cutting, metal welding and cleaning applications

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