Export deal points to fluid future for UK hydraulics manufacturer

A well-established UK hydraulics design and manufacturing specialist, which claims to own one of the oldest working filter carts in existence, has just completed a significant deal with a company based in the Middle East as it continues to expand its offering for overseas customers.

 MGR Fluid Power has supplied a bespoke hybrid of its FT108 filter cart, expected to be one of many supplied to a contracting and trading company in the Sultanate of Oman, a vital piece of equipment which will ensure clean hydraulic and lubrication systems. It is widely estimated that 70 to 80 per cent of hydraulic system failures are caused by contamination, with particle contamination making up the largest portion. MGR’s specialist filter carts pre-filter oil, transferring it easily, cleanly and quickly, minimising the risk of spillage and system failure.

 The high profile deal comes as one filter cart in MGR’s rental range reaches its ninth year of operation, potentially making it the oldest and therefore most reliable cart in existence. The product was first manufactured by MGR Fluid Power in 2007, and has been in operation ever since. Most filter carts typically last between three and four years, meaning that MGR’s own manufactured products are more than doubling the average lifecycle of the products.

 It was the durability and longevity of MGR’s range of filter carts, together with the short lead time, which were key to helping the business win the contract. The company’s Managing Director, Mike Retford, who ensured the filter cart was delivered in just three weeks, commented: “The vast majority of filter carts are not manufactured to the same high standard that we work to at MGR. Often they begin to leak after three or four years, and can require heavy repairs in order to remain efficient.

 “We invest heavily in raw materials to ensure that our carts remain efficient for as long as possible. We manufacture a robust frame, use non-puncture wheels, and spin-on can filters to make them easy to modify when necessary. It is this longevity and reliability of our product that is attracting business from both UK and more recently international markets, and helping us to continue to enjoy a reputation for high quality in the global hydraulics industry.

 MGR Fluid Power has also revealed that it is planning to extend its existing range of filter carts, by manufacturing more in the UK, where all of its products are produced. The business has identified a strong market for its filter carts in the injection moulding industry, and for businesses which operate mobile machinery.

 Mike Retford continued: “As one of only a handful of businesses still manufacturing hydraulic components in the UK, we are well positioned to supply this vital equipment to companies all over the world. Our products speak for themselves when it comes to quality UK manufacturing overseas and our nine-year old filter cart is a great example of the durability and efficiency of products that this country’s manufacturing industry is producing.

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