New Vibration Core Products Catalogue from ACE Fabreeka UK

ACE and Fabreeka have come together to become the new ACE Fabreeka UK. Both of these well recognised, market leading brands are available from one highly experienced team focused on the UK motion and vibration control market.

A new 104-page Fabreeka Vibration Control core products catalogue is now available, giving designers, architects and structural engineers a comprehensive, technical overview of products to solve vibration and isolation problems.

Since 1936, Fabreeka has been providing these solutions to a diverse customer base across numerous end-markets, such as test and measurement, industrial machinery, building and construction, oil and gas, power generation, steel, automotive, precision equipment, aerospace and defence.

The original fabric reinforced, elastomeric Fabreeka Pad and the nitrile rubber Fabcel Pad are the two core Fabreeka branded products supported by a wide array of other supporting vibration and isolation materials, shock mounts, mounting feet and levelling mounts.

In addition to a very extensive range of products, ACE Fabreeka UK will also be able to offer access to added value design and customer support services when more than just a product is necessary and a total vibration control solution is required.

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