A compact and extremely fast CPU smart control and I/O system which combines a PLC CPU, digital and analog input / output channels along with additional channels and functions within a compact unit, is the latest product

to be introduced by YASKAWA. The SLIO COMPACT CPU 013C is based on integrated SPEED 7 technology with 7100DEV processor ensuring outstanding performance and sets new standards for high clock rates and

fast program processing.

The SLIO Compact boasts powerful features despite its small size and is ideally suited to control applications in very small to medium sized machinery in plant construction, building technology and especially where existing

I/O’s are already covering many functions. The additional benefits in speed are provided by the extremely fast backplane transmission of 48 Mbit/s while offering the potential for adding up to 64 expansion modules which can

be connected to the CPU.


Of the 30 integrated digital and analog I/O channels, a total of 4 input channels can be used as counter and frequency measurement functions while 2 output channels can be used for PWM. So despite its compact design,

even without the expansion modules, the unit offers outstanding flexibility across numerous applications.


Other features include, 2 integrated Ethernet interfaces for programming and communication allowing access to the internet which eliminates the need for additional interfaces saving, time, space and money while an

integrated RS485 interface is also available as an option for PROFIBUS DP slave functions. Procurement, logistics as well as service and maintenance are simplified because the work memory and PROFIBUS slave functions

can be configured via the VIPA SET card (VSC). Users therefore benefit from space savings in control cabinets, typically by up to around 30% compared to other modular systems.


The full technical specification for the new SLIO Compact controllers includes; SPEED7 technology, CPU performance (word/Bit) : 0.01/0.01µs, integrated work memory of 64kByte, expandable up to 128kByte, PG/OP interface,

2 x Ethernet switch, RS485 interface, MPI, USS master, ASCll, ETX/STX, 3964R, Modbus master / slave, connection via push-in plug and SD card up to 2GB.  ENDS.

Further details available from Paul Seale:  [email protected]   Tel: +44 (0) 1295 272755

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