Effective Virus Particle Analysis Using Dynamic Light Scattering

Testa Analytical Solutions e.K. reports that Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) can be used as an effective analytical technique for analyzing virus particles in solution. A new application report examines four fish viruses incubated under laboratory culture conditions that have the potential to wreak significant economic damage to both recreational and commercially important fish populations.

Design & Development of Optical Modules & Systems

Resolve Optics offer an expert service for designing and developing integrated optical modules and systems that perfectly match your application. An optical system or module typically consists of a series of elements, which can include lenses, mirrors, light sources, detectors, reflecting prisms, dispersing devices, filters and fibre-optics.

CME’s Technology & Expertise Deliver An Integrated Solution For Podiatry Treatment Manufacturer

The medical and pharmaceutical sector is an area of growth for CME, and when a manufacturer of Podiatry products required an enhanced and fully integrated solution to their product handling, assembly and packaging operations, CME was recommended by Allied Pharma Limited as the company that could deliver the innovative technology required for the application. The […]

We need to go deeper!

~ What is deep learning and how can it benefit manufacturing? ~ In Christopher Nolan’s 2010 masterpiece Inception, the protagonist is a corporate spy who steals information by infiltrating people’s dreams, exploring the different layers of his victims’ subconscious to find a path to the desired information. Deep learning, a specialised form of machine learning, […]

TFC boosts its presence in Ireland post-lockdown

Leading supplier of fasteners and supply chain solutions TFC is helping manufacturers in Ireland recover from the effects of lockdown by powering up its new facility in Portadown, Northern Ireland. The company is embracing the challenges of the new working environments with the help of customer video conferencing, hygienic product handling and safe vendor managed […]

£1.2m CNC investment helps TGM move up the aerospace and defence supply chain

Targeting opportunities with the major aerospace primes has seen a Lancashire manufacturing specialist invest £1.2m into state-of-the-art CNC technologies. TGM, which is part of the £43m Aero Services Global (AS.G) Group, has just completed its first parts for a MoD contract on its recently installed Zimmermann FZ33 compact milling machine. The long bed capabilities, machine […]

Contrinex robust🔨 Inductives help ‘lift the lid’🚛 – Material Handling equipment – Matl.PLUSAx.co.uk

A material handling company manufacturers a forklift attachment which comprises two sets of forks, for unloading bulk cargo from a shipping container. Whilst a lower pair of forks support the container, another pair of forks, lift the container’s lid. To unload, the lid is lifted away, and the lower forks rotate, tipping out the container’s […]