More safety in harsh environments

3D safety systems are a good option for reliably monitoring danger zones. They present a safe alternative, even in harsh environments where e.g. sparks, dirt and dust occur. They are therefore also a solution for applications where previously optical sensors were unable to provide a reliable answer

Another ‘Sweet’🍬 Solution from Contrinex Contrast🌈 sensors –

Modern shopping and logistics operations rely upon clear and reliable product labelling and perhaps one of the most important examples is ensuring that boxes of sweets reach the shops on time. Therefore Contrinex’s versatile and high-performance, RGB light-based photoelectric contrast sensors are trusted to ensure packing cartons have their label positioned correctly. It also confirms […]

Power quality assurance now also available in small format: LINAX PQ1000 measures power quality for industrial requirements according to class S

Assure power quality! Demands for power quality assurance are growing stronger and louder. We hear this confirmed by utilities, industrial companies, but also by many electricians who are increasingly confronted by this issue when dealing with their customers. Very often questions then arise as to which measuring instrument should be used, the level of skill […]


Antimicrobial technology developer, Parx Materials, has created a new technique to keep fish fresher for longer. Derived from the human immune system, the technique uses a trace element of the body that occurs naturally in products such as oysters, red meat and green vegetables. The breakthrough could help to reduce the estimated 6,800 tons of fish wasted […]

Graphene creates textiles of the future

~  Graphene enabled e-textile for future human-machine interfaces ~ Grafren AB, a Swedish chemical manufacturer and Associated Member of the Graphene Flagship, has been granted its first patent for a new method of separating graphene flakes. Here, Erik Khranovskyy, CEO of Grafren, explains how this pioneering technology could be used to turn simple textiles into […]